Cosplay nutt by emezie-d6q6rly
Gender Male
Nationality 50% Canadian, 50% Taiwanese
Occupation Student
Species Half-human, Half-devil
Hair Color White
Eye Color Red
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Age Unknown
Birthday Unknown
Birth Place Unknown
Family Unknown
Other attributes
1st Appearance Episode 1: Ninjas in the Classroom! Don't Blow Our Cover!

Nutt is a devil, and is presumably one of the main antagonists of the story.

Personality Edit

Nutt hates Bobby, and has an obsession with hurting him, sometimes through his loved ones. He is also a troublemaker, as he was seen drawing on the bathroom symbols in episode 1.

Appearance Edit

Nutt has tall, white hair. When he is not in school he is usually shirtless and wears grey jeans with a belt that has a buckle with his name on it and white shoes.

When he is injured, his blood covers his body and hardens, so his skin becomes red. The purpose of this is unknown, but most likely to form an armor of some sort. However, it does seem to heal him. He can also morph his blood into weapons and use it to give other people hallucinations.


  • He is the leader of the Krunky Punks.
  • He and Bobby fight a lot.
  • He's mother is in prison, because she killed Nutt's father, who tormented him, when he was a child.
    • Nutt's mother does not seem to be a devil, but his father could have been a devil, which would explain why he abused his son. It also meant, that Nutt might not be 100% devil, but only half.

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