Personality Edit

Kim is a strong-minded individual. Although she has a bad memory. In episode four it is revealed that she also can't remember dreams when she wakes up, even the good ones.

She is a skater, and takes pride in her board. Mina can also be depicted as a bully as she was seen picking on Ayane in episode 2. She is also boy crazy.

She was a really nice person, but that changed after she met Rick Sykes (Xykes). She is his biggest fan, so when he opened a material arts dojo, she became stronger. She was there also because she was kicked out of her old school.

Appearance Edit

Mi Na Kim has straight black hair which she wears with bangs and pigtails. She has brown eyes.

She wears a ragged grey tank top with a pig-tailed skull, and flowers on it. She also wears a camouflage print short skirt. She wears black finger-less gloves, black high knee socks, and white sneakers.

Trivia Edit

  • She is very very VERY into yaoi.
  • She is the leader of The Bangers.
  • The fact that Mina forgets everything that happened to her in a day could imply that she has short term memory loss.
  • It is speculated that she may be bisexual and harbor feelings for Mai, this is later confirmed in episode 12 when Mina says she loves Mai.
  • She thinks Mai is as cute as a puppy
  • Part of the "Skim Milk Sisters"
  • She has a father and a brother but her mother is dead
  • Mina's greatest strength is that she is cute and she can get away with anything because of it
  • Her greatest weakness is that she is "45% bitch"
  • She is proud of her squad (the Bangers)
  • Mina's greatest embarrassment is getting spanked by Angela Rose in episode 4
  • Her favorite Scooby Doo character is Shaggy because he is "a fellow slacker"
  • She LOVES teddy bears
  • She is a huge fan of Rick Sykes
  • She states that Mai "Boyish girl" and Bobby "Girlish boy" are both kind of hot.

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