Mina kim by frikkan-d7t99xg

Personality Edit

Kim is a strong-minded individual. Although she has a bad memory. In episode four it is revealed that she also can't remember dreams when she wakes up, even the good ones.

She is a skater, and takes pride in her board. Mina can also be depicted as a bully as she was seen picking on Ayane in episode 2. She is also boy crazy.

She was a really nice person, but that changed after she met Rick Sykes (Xykes). She is his biggest fan, so when he opened a material arts dojo, she became stronger. She was there also because she was kicked out of her old school.

In episode 18, it was confirmed that Mina did indeed have a crush on Ninja Girl Mai, and she kissed her. Also, in episode 14 Angela Rose indicated that Mina seemed to have a crush on Mai.

Appearance Edit

Mi Na Kim has straight black hair which she wears with bangs and pigtails. She has brown eyes.

She wears a ragged grey tank top with a pig-tailed skull, and flowers on it. She also wears a camouflage print short skirt. She wears black finger-less gloves, black high knee socks, and white sneakers.

Trivia Edit

  • She is very very VERY into yaoi (term for boy x boy).
  • She is the leader of The Bangers.
  • The fact that Mina forgets everything that happened to her in a day could imply that she has short term memory loss.
  • It is speculated that she may be bisexual and harbor feelings for Mai, this is later confirmed in episode 12 when Mina says she loves Mai. In episode 16 she later shows a homosexual attraction to Mouse.
  • She thinks Mai is as cute as a puppy.
  • Part of the "Skim Milk Sisters".
  • She has a father and a brother but her mother is deceased.
  • Mina's greatest strength is that she is cute and she can get away with anything because of it.
  • Her greatest weakness is that she is "45% bitch".
  • She is proud of her squad (the Bangers).
  • Mina's greatest embarrassment is getting spanked by Angela Rose in episode 4.
  • Her favorite Scooby Doo character is Shaggy because he is "a fellow slacker".
  • She LOVES teddy bears.
  • She states that Mai "Boyish girl" and Bobby "Girlish boy" are both kind of hot.
  • Her and Mai kiss in episode 18.
  • In some episodes, Mina is portrayed as an antagonist, though, she still has good intentions.