Kit Hart
Trio kit hart the sunchild by emezie-d6pnxaw (1)
Kit Hart
Gender Female
Nationality 1/2 Mexican
1/2 Native American
Species Human
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Birth Place United States
Family Maria Hart (mother)
Rick Sykes (adoptive brother)
Bobby Sykes (adoptive brother)
Other attributes
1st Appearance Episode 7: #tacoSMOOTHIE

Appearance Edit

Kit Hart has tan skin, Long black hair and a white long-sleeve shirt. She also has light blue jeans with small rips in them.

Personality Edit

Kit is very protective of her little "brother" Bobby, as shown in one of the episodes when they were kids; She sees Young Bobby being hurt by bullies, so she runs up to him, and beats up all the bullies.

She also is the oldest, yet Rick once argued,"But you're only 2 months older than me!".

History Edit

She is a lovely sun-child and she is the big sister of Bobby Sykes. She and Rick Sykes, Bobby's older brother, seem to be in some kind of relationship other than step brother/sister.

Trivia Edit

  • Self-appointed big sister to Bobby Sykes.
  • Lives on the Hart ranch at 21 20 Butterfly Road in Texas.
  • She does not like Mi Na Kim seeing as she tried to hurt Bobby with furniture and insulted her breasts
  • Possible girlfriend (or more) of Rick Sykes
  • Thinks that Mai is the only girl that is worthy of dating Bobby out of the four main females of the story, because Mai is Mexican.