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Last time, Katherine "Kit" Hart found some sort of psycho-pervert girl attacking her precious little "brother" Bobby Sykes in his bedroom. No one hurts her little Bobby and gets away with it! So some Hart-style Texas justice was in order...

Kit Hart (the world's most competitive woman), defends the virtue of her dude in distress, taking out Mina Kim in the process...

Meanwhile, Ayane Shiun takes on Morrigan in an attempt to rescue Ninja Girl Mai. However, this isn't the first time Ayane's family has clashed with Morrigan's ninja clan...

Back before Ayane had to change her family name from Murasaki (紫 "purple") to Shiun (紫雲 "purple cloud"...a one letter difference), Morrigan had approached Ayane's father, Shouichi Murasaki. Morrigan challenged him to a fight, with the winner earning a certain Murasaki/Shiun family heirloom: the fabled Shiun map.

However, Shouichi, an old fashioned man despite his relative youth, refused to fight a woman. Things escalated quickly from there...

Morrigan threatened Ayane, and Shouichi had no choice but to defeat the overconfident Morrigan before she could even realize what was happening. Without warning, the built up electrical charge within Morrigan's unconscious body was suddenly released. The Murasaki Dojo caught fire and began to crumble...

As the structure became to collapse, Shou's legendary strength protected Ayane from harm. But, even he couldn't hold up the falling rubble forever. Fortunately, the dojo had one final visitor...

Yuko, Ayane's older sister who had previously disappeared after a fight with Shou, appeared in the nick of time to rescue Ayane and reconcile with her daddy.

The Shiun family curse: to love so brilliantly and powerfully like a bright purple flower blooms in the spring.

The Shiun family curse: to wither and die quickly like a beautiful flower after only a few brief months in the summer.

Shouichi had dreamed of escaping the curse suffered by his bloodline for centuries... and, he lived longer than most of his ancestors... living long enough to even raise two lovely daughters. However, the purple curse caught up with him.

Perhaps, it's only a matter of time before the curse of enormous love and early death seeks out his daughters...

BTW... even though he works for Morrigan and the bad guys, there is something about that particular school faculty ninja that feels... familiar to Mai...

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  • Ladybug [0:03]
  • Tanja's Song [0:42]
  • Dork [1:26]
  • Moron (Flying High Remix) [1:51] [4:29]
  • Blue Leaves [3:28]
  • Boss Music [3:52]
  • Moron [6:09]
  • Golden Girl [8:39]

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Porkchop 'n Flatscreen! (Episode 8)

Porkchop 'n Flatscreen! (Episode 8)

Destined to Die Young

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